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Our NEW Cookbook!
Our Lady In Our Hearts And Homes
released on the Blessed Mother's Birthday!

Please explore our website. You will find information on how you can make these
cookbooks change the way you make dinner.  The cookbooks are filled with exciting stories
of saints and incorporates your daily living with a saints way of life. It suggests little ways
to love God more completely by imitating our brothers and sister who went before us. 
What great role models!

Recipes for Life: A Catholic Family Cookbook
with over 80 Saint Bios


Our Lady In Our Hearts And Homes
with over 110 Saint Bios and Apparitions

Cookbooks can be ordered here or you may visit:

Our Lady's Center                                           The Catholic Information Center
3301 Rogers Ave                                            1501 K Street, NW
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043                        Washington, DC 20005
410-461-5066                                                  202-783-2062

The Shrine of St. Anthony                               Silver Cross Catholic Books and Gifts
Franciscan Friary                                             18 South Main Street 
12290 Folly Quarter Road                               Fort Loramie, Ohio  45845   
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042                         937-295-2040

EWTN Religious Catalogue                           Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
                                                                        400 Michigan Avenue Northeast
                                                                        Washington, DC 20017
                                                                        202- 526-1287

"Culture begins in the home,
and these recipes shared from
a wealth of kitchens will weave another generation into the precious memories and
relationships that have gone before us. Eat heartily -- and remember that every little feast foreshadows the Everlasting Banquet to which we're all invited!"

~ Genevieve Kineke, Author, The Authentic Catholic Woman, wife and mother of five.


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