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A Catholic Family Cookbook

The cookbook contains over 80 Saint biographies and 300 recipes with over 350 pages to explore. It's sure to encourage families to grow in God's love.

John Paul II said "The family, as the fundamental and essential educating community, is the privileged means for transmitting the religious and cultural values which help the person to acquire his or her own identity.

Use this cookbook to make dinner time "family time" and follow the suggestions on creating a "Saint Night".

Designate a special bowl to cook with while making your dinner and include the kids.





Pages From Our New Mary Cookbook

Look At What Others Are Saying:

This is an amazing cookbook. I've never seen anything like it!
Vicki from Virginia

We sold these cookbooks at our church and had a tremendous response.
Fran from Georgia

Love it! We keep ours out on the coffee table and pick it up to read. Wonderful stories.
Julia from Texas

St. Agatha's Carrot Cake is out of this world. My family has fully embraced "Saint Night" and my kids
look forward to our Tuesday nights
cooking with the saints. A great way to bring  Faith to life! Thank You!!!

Bernadette from Illinois
I was interested in where this cookbook came from. I purchased it from the EWTN Religious Catalogue and found out about the TASTE Program. It's a Woman's Program in the Baltimore/ Washington area that has changed my life. Women from
45 parishes come together weekly to learn the Truths of the Faith. They put this cookbook together. Wow!

Barbara from Maryland


I'm a cookbookaholic and this is my favorite cookbook ever. Wonderful recipes but tying them into the saints is just a fantastic idea. What a treasure!
Rita from Colorado

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